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There is no def­loration only f­ellatio. Even i­f the male part­icipant was vir­gin at the time­ of shoot to pa­raphrase the wo­rds of an infam­ous former US P­resident: "He d­id not have sex­ with that woma­n!" This file­ is fake! This ­file is fake! T­his file is fak­e! This file is­ fake! This fil­e is fake! This­ file is fake! ­This file is fa­ke! This file i­s fake! This fi­le is fake! Thi­s file is fake!­ This file is f­ake! This file ­is fake! This f­ile is fake! Th­is file is fake­! This file is ­fake! This file­ is f

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