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  • What is this site all about and what should I search for at

    This site is a fast growing file share search engine. We provide high-quality file search among the enormous number of files shared by users via, and file hosting services.

  • What file sharing sites do you support?

    Currently we support, and But are working hard to comprise the others.

  • Where do you get all those file information?

    Our database is daily replenished by our robots that crawl through free access internet resources such as blogs, forums, etc.

  • Where can I find a password for an archive?

    We do not give passwords. If the archive is password-protected, the person who did that probably had the reason for it.

  • I found my copyrighted work on your website. Please remove it ASAP!

    We surely want to help you protect your rights. Howeveer we are only a search engine. We do not upload, store or share files. Of cource we will delete the link that you provide from our database (such link shall contain the «/fileinfo/» part in the URL. e.g.: We can ban only links of this kind), BUT you have to contact the Abuse Departments of the file hosting websites and ask for the actual removal of a file, as there are maybe thousands more links to that specific file all over the Web. Instead of asking every website on the Internet to remove the link to your file, demand the filehosting service to remove the actual source file.

  • I purchased Premium account and I want refund for some reason

    Our service is 100% free. We did not charge you for anything, one of the filehosting websites did that. We only helped you to find a file that you wanted in their huge archives. Please contact the administration of the file hosting (, or