Hello everyone!

After a short gap the General Worlds Team is happy to share with you some good news. We would like to inform you that we have been working on our General eBooks, General Play and General Files projects to make them even more convenient for you. Find out what we have achieved so far.

General eBooks

Our General eBooks project now has three times more books than it had before (enjoy more than 4,5 million of books)! You can explore 6 times more links to the books (now there are more than 12 millions of links!).

Even more fascinating stories and breathtaking adventures are waiting for you. The reading process itself has become smarter. You can use the Bookmarks feature which is now even more convenient. After the registration you can make a bookmark and then continue reading from this place even on other devices. This way you can read a book faster because you can continue reading on any device that is available to you at the moment


Now the books in your account are even closer to you than the local copies! Especially because... we have released the new version of the General eBooks app for Android! Yes, finally it is there, rejoice! :)

We have also added the ISBN search so now you can search like a real pro! :)

General Files

Have a look at the new design of one of our favorite projects – the General Files, which constantly provides you with new content of any kind. We hope you will like it as much as we do.

Furthermore, we are working on making the General World available to as many people as possible so we have translated our projects to many more languages. You can see trends in your own language, which is really nice as you can always decide what to read or watch and what is popular these days.

Select language

Apart from that, we are continuing to translate our projects and we would really appreciate your help with translations to Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish and other languages. If you want us to add a certain language please take a short quiz, and we’ll add your language to the list.

However, there are some concerns that we want to share with you. At this moment due to the expaning costs of our servers our projects are becoming more and more expensive for us and the further existance the General World is at risk. Unfortunatelly, existing advertisment on our websites does not allow us to expand our server fleet which is absolutely a must if we want to keep being afloat. Sorry to tell but our resources allow us to support the life without expanding of the service till July but if no solution will be found in the next few days, we'll have to ask you for donating. We need to collect 1000 $ till the end of this month to sustain and keep growing.

We are sure that with your help our project will be florishing further on and we will make them even better for you. Together we can do that!


General World Team